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A No Kill Sanctuary in the Antelope Valley
Facebook.com/savealifenokillshelter . . Facebook.com/savealifenonprofit

Come out and visit our Magic Ranch
The Happiest Cat Ranch on Earth

Volunteers and Donations
Are Always Greatly Appreciated

Just $20 or $50 will go a long way if we can get 15 people
we'll have one month done. Plus it's tax deductible
just in time for the end of the year taxes! Save money
on your taxes and help our kitty cats at the same time!!

PayPal donations can be made to info@save-a-life.org, and of course,
all donations are tax deductible. We are a 501c3 Non Profit
dedicated to saving cats.

Thank you again for your support
Our cat's lives depend on it
We currently have 200 cats available for adoption!

Holiday Pictures
Here's what happens when it rains
At The Happiest Cat Ranch on Earth

Click photos to enlarge

Thank You to a VERY SPECIAL Cat Lover
for stepping up and helping us catch up on
our mortgage payments last month!!!

If not for a few wonderful and caring people
We might be facing forclosure at our magical cat ranch

And thank you to more ANGELS for bringing us some
much needed and greatly appreciated cat food!

It restores our faith in the human race.


More pictures of cats
available for adoptions

More pictures of our cats, 2017
They all need a FUR-ever Home

Rocks at the Ranch . . .

More 2017 Photos of the Ranch
and More Cat Photos

More Pics 2017
click here

New 2017 winter photos
of the ranch and cats

We Still Need Help Getting Our
Mini-barn Building Permits

at the Save-a-Life Cat Sanctuary

A vindictive Kern County Animal Control Officer
made a complaint to Kern County Code Enforcement
saying that all our mini-barns are not properly permitted.

While our mini-barns are all up to code, we now need
to raise money to pay an engineer to
get a "wet-stamp" blue-print for each building
to satisfy Kern County Building Code Enforcement
which costs a minimum of $600 per building.

We've gotten the blue-prints for 2, but we need
to have another 6 done, which will take us months.
Please Click on GoFundMe for more info.
Thank You Very Much


Don't let the notorious Animal Control kill our cats. Please help.

We currently have 200 cats available for adoption!

Help Save our Cats
Donations on PayPal.com to: info@save-a-life.org

Cool Cat Memes and Pics
For the times you just need a good laugh
til the tears run down your cheeks

Click photos to enlarge

Save-a-Life Events 2017 . . .

Visitors MAP of the
Save-a-Life Sanctuary

Click map to enlarge and see the roads, buildings,
yards and trees at our Cat Sanctuary
Click here for an even larger version
Save-a-Life Buildings
. . . (see map . . .
1. Cat’s Paw Main House
2. Copy Cat Goat House
3. Cat and Mouse House
4. Garfield Outdoor Greenhouse
5. Grumpy Cat Greenhouse
6. Nine Lives Medical Barn
7. Look What the Cat Dragged in Barn
8. Linda’s Cool Cat Barn
9. Alley Cat Barn
10. Railroad Garage and
. . . Catnip Gift Shop
11. Hep Cat Tool Shed
12. Big Ben’s Cat House
13. Cats Pajama Barn
14. Cats Out of the Bag Shed
15. Cat Eye Barn
16. Fat Cat Corner Barn
17. Pussy Cat Barn
18. Ruben’s Cat Nap Barn
19. Cat’s Cradle Motorhome
20. Cat Got Your Tongue Shed

Kern County Animal Control
"The Cat Killers of Kern County"

Script for Public Interest Documentary
on the criminality and cruelty of
Kern County Animal Control

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Preface - Introduction

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