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A No Kill Sanctuary in the Antelope Valley
State of California Non-Profit 501c3
"Save A Life Cat Adoptions" Since 1995

Facebook.com/savealifenokillshelter . . Facebook.com/savealifenonprofit

Come out and visit our Magic Ranch
A Cat Sanctuary in Southern California

Our $982 ELECTRIC BILL has been paid . . .
Amount raised through numerous donations . . . $1,050

That leaves $68 extra . . .
to be applied to our next major bill . . .

Mortgage Payment . . due in one week . . . . . $750

Every month we must ask for the public's help.
We have no other options

PayPal donations can be made to info@save-a-life.org
Mailing Address:
Save-a-Life, 8448 Joshua Ln, Mojave, CA 93501
all donations are 501c3 Non Profit tax deductible

Thank you

More Pictures from the Ranch
(click to enlarge)

to everyone that helped us out last year

We Wouldn't Be Here Without You

to our Wonderful and Caring Donors

We Couldn't Be Here Without You

We Still Need To Get Our
Mini-barn Building Permits

at the Save-a-Life Cat Sanctuary

Kern County Animal Control Officer Burgess made a bogus complaint
to Code Enforcement saying that all our mini-barns are not up to code.

They ARE all up to code, but now NOW we need to pay an engineer to get
an official certified "blue-print/permit" for each building ($600 each)

We've received donations and got two (2) done, but we need six (6) more

If we can raise $150/week, we can get them in six months.
Please Click on GoFundMe for more info.
Thank You Very Much


Visitors MAP of Save-a-Life's
Magic Cat Ranch

Click map to enlarge roads, buildings,
yards and trees at our Cat Sanctuary
Magic Buildings
. . . (see map . . .
1. Cat’s Paw Main House
2. Copy Cat Goat House
3. Cat and Mouse House
4. Garfield Outdoor Greenhouse
5. Grumpy Cat Greenhouse
6. Nine Lives Medical Barn
7. Look What the Cat Dragged in Barn
8. Linda’s Cool Cat Barn
9. Alley Cat Barn
10. Railroad Garage and
. . . Catnip Gift Shop
11. Hep Cat Tool Shed
12. Big Ben’s Cat House
13. Cats Pajama Barn
14. Cats Out of the Bag Shed
15. Cat Eye Barn
16. Fat Cat Corner Barn
17. Pussy Cat Barn
18. Ruben’s Cat Nap Barn
19. Cat’s Cradle Motorhome
20. Cat Got Your Tongue Shed

Kern County Animal Control
"The Cat Killers of Kern County"

Script for Public Interest Documentary on the Criminality
and Cruelty of Kern County Animal Control

Table of Contents

Preface - Introduction

Help Keep our Cats Happy and Healthy
Donations on PayPal.com to: info@save-a-life.org
or mail to Save-a-Life, 8448 Joshua Ln, Mojave, CA 93501

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Thank You for supporting
8448 Joshua Lane
Mojave, CA 93501