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M e m b e r s h i p    ♦    D o n a t i o n s    ♦    V o l u n t e e r    ♦    A b o u t    ♦    C o n t a c t

A No Kill Sanctuary in the Antelope Valley
Facebook.com/savealifenokillshelter . . Facebook.com/savealifenonprofit

Thank You to all you Wonderful
People that donated

We have made our mortgage payment
and now need to make our Electric Bill
We still need money for maintenance, bills,
vet bills, and cat food!

Our food supply is still low
We need to keep the food donations
coming. Our cats are especially hungry because, well, just because,
and they never can get enough wet food. A donation of $50 will nourish
their appetite for fish oil and chicken,
instead of having to crunch
nothing but dry food.

Vet expenses are another factor
Any size donation wiil help get cats to the vet when necessary.
This will relieve a huge burden on our hearts, as we
hate to see any discomfort to our these poor homeless kitties.
Just $30 will pay for a cat to see a doctor.

It cost $5,000 per month
to keep Save-a-LIfe going

We do have donors that donate food and sometimes a certain amount
every month but it seems it's never enough. We are constantly on
the phone pleading for help. We hate to scrimp on what
the cats need to stay healthy and happy, so if you have a soft spot
in your heart for homeless kitty cats, please go to PayPal.com and
make a donation of any size to info@save-a-life.org.

PayPal donations come in faster than GoFundMe donations, and of course,
all donations are tax deductible. We are a 501c3 Non Profit.

Donations are Tax Deductible

All PayPal payments should be made to
Thank you again for your support.

Visit the Lion's Den
Save-a-Life Study, Library, and Lounge

Located in the big red barn, the Lion's Den features a Library with hundreds and hundreds of books, a Tiki Bar, and an Art Gallery. What a perfect place to relax, read a book, have a cocktail, or relax with a joint. Enjoy the atmosphere of Save-a-LIfe's Magical Cat-Land

Lion's Den, 8448 Joshua Lane, Mojave, CA 93501
PH: 661-824-2440 - info@save-a-life.org

Please Help us . . .
get our Mini-Barn Electric Permits
at the Save-a-Life Cat Sanctuary . . .
Kern County Animal Control says we need
electrical permits for all our mini barns.
While our mini-barns are all up to code, we still need
to raise money to pay an engineer to
get a "wet stamp" blue print for each building
which costs a minimum of $600 per building.
We can only get as many permits as we get donations.
If we can do one per month, we'll have it done in 8 months
Please Click on GoFundMe for more info.
Thank You Very Much


We've raised money for 2 mini-barn so far, but we still have 6 more.
Don't let the notorious Animal Control kill our cats. Please help.

Thanks Rescue Activists for bringing us some
much needed and greatly appreciated cat food!
We love these gals that come all the way from L.A.
to help our adorable and adoptable kitty cats.
It restores our faith in the human race.
Here's some pictures, unloading the truck . . .
and Baby the Parrot wants to help too
click to enlarge

Here's some random pictures of our
adorable and adoptable cats
that would love a "forever home!"

Cottontail is the absolute cuttest cat ever! she has long hair and bounces when she walks!
Navajo the cross eyed siamese is lonely ever since her sister was captured
by the evil animal control, and her friend Cherokee passed away

Broadband, the tuxedo girl with a broad strip on her face is from Hollywood, and she is gorgeous!
Black Magic is a great grandma and her once sheen black coat is now speckled
with gray hair. Somebody please give her a home for the twilight of her life.
Save her from the Animal Control Cat Killers

Old Margie has been through a lot, but her fur is still as soft and fluffy as can be . . .
Jenifer sticks her tongue out at the food while Fluffy eats, and Snickers profile and front view are classic tuxedo.

Gertrude is our oldest cat, somewhere over 15 and a toughy outdoors
She's the sweetest and still most adverturist cat ever, even is she does move very slow.
She's appreciates human affection. and Miss Sphinx guards the food bowls while her mates eat away.

Brandy has a diamond in her eye. for real. Check it out. Not sure how it got there,
but she doesn't mind. Meanwhile a black cat wanders through the yards,
and little Miss Teardrop closes her eyes into a mask.
She misses her brother who was dragged away screaming
by the evil Daniel Burgess of Animal Control.

and here's some pictures of the back porch
where there's a lot of fixing up to do . . .
and our parrot says "it's my porch too"

click to enlarge

We currently have 200 cats available for adoption!
click to enlarge

Rocks, Rocks, and more Rocks . . . it's starting
to look like Rock City here at Save-a-Life!

Even More Photos at the Ranch . . .
Click here for pictures

More Rocks at the Ranch . . .
Click here for pictures

More 2017 Photos of the Ranch
and More Cat Photos
Click Here

We Need Wet Cat Food . . .
You can order it from JET.COM or Amazon.com
Thanks for caring. Ruben/Save-a-Life

We have found helpers . . .
We finally found the perfect couple to help
take care of the ranch and all the kitty cats!
Diane and Bill are moving in in November
and we're already getting ready to rock. Bill is an
excellent handyman, and Diana is a ball of energy.
What could be more perfect!

Save-a-Life Thanks Everyone
That Has Contributed
To Save Our Cats

Our hearts go out to you for caring about life
Thank you to Angelina Forever and
and thanks to Lori, Kim, Cherie, Jill, Michael, Jodi,
James, Liz, Annette, and others for your support


8448 Joshua Lane
Mojave, CA 93501

Our Next Cat Adoption Event
To Be Announced

Get Ready!
Previous Cat Adoption Event
and Estate Sale!

SAT & SUN, OCT 14 & 15
Recent Cat Adoption Event
and Estate Sale!
SAT & SUN, AUG 26 & 27

Click Here for Pictures

Recent Save-a-Life Open House/
Yard Sale/Adoption Event

Was Sat, May 6th
Click here for pictures

Save-a-Life Mail Change . . .

For your information we will not be using P.O.Box 53, Mojave, CA  
as a mail drop effective April 3, 2017.  Please use our address:  
Save-a-Life, 8448 Joshua Lane, Mojave, CA  93501.  
Thank you

Visitors MAP of the
Save-a-Life Sanctuary

Click map to enlarge and see the roads, buildings,
yards and trees at our Cat Sanctuary
Click here for an even larger version
Save-a-Life Buildings
. . . (see map . . .
1. Cat’s Paw Main House
2. Copy Cat Goat House
3. Cat and Mouse House
4. Garfield Outdoor Greenhouse
5. Grumpy Cat Greenhouse
6. Nine Lives Medical Barn
7. Look What the Cat Dragged in Barn
8. Linda’s Cool Cat Barn
9. Alley Cat Barn
10. Railroad Garage and
. . . Catnip Gift Shop
11. Hep Cat Tool Shed
12. Big Ben’s Cat House
13. Cats Pajama Barn
14. Cats Out of the Bag Shed
15. Cat Eye Barn
16. Fat Cat Corner Barn
17. Pussy Cat Barn
18. Ruben’s Cat Nap Barn
19. Cat’s Cradle Motorhome
20. Cat Got Your Tongue Shed

The Kern County Animal Control
The Cat Killers of Kern County
Short Story and Script Draft
for Upcoming Documentary

Watch the Save-a-Life video for Ellen DeGeneres
to help keep Save-a-Life running
courtesy Cherie Gillette

Help Save our Cats
Donations on PayPal.com to: info@save-a-life.org

Check out the photos of famous
Movie Stars with their Cats

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