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Presents. . .

The Cat Killers of Kern County
A Movie/Documentary about
Kern County Animal Control
An Unregulated, Misguided, and Vindictive Agency

Table of Contents


The Characters

Chapter 1
The Setting . . .
Save-a-Life Cat Sanctuary
Mojave, California

Chapter 2
Years of Neglect at Save-a-Life

Chapter 3
Save-a-Life in Total Dissarray,
Gets New President, New Hope

Chapter 4
Kern County Animal Control
Unrelenting Harassment Begins

Chapter 5
Officer Burgess and Tamie Griggs
plot to remove Ruben from Save-a-Life

Chapter 6
Burgess Demands More and More
as Tamie's Insubordination Grows

Chapter 7
Disgruntled Tamie Makes "Complaint"
Complicit Burgess Seizes 24 Cats

Chapter 8
Burgess Becomes Obsessed
Save-a-Life Demands A Hearing

Chapter 9
Burgess Retaliates For Hearing
Continues Threats and Harassment

Chapter 10
Burgess Retaliates Again, Gets Warrant
Based on Lies, Seizes Cats, Arrests Ruben

Chapter 11
3 Days in Kern County County Jail,
Charged With Animal Cruelty,
Then Charges Dropped

Chapter 12
Burgess's Bullying, Threats,
Lies, and Criminal Complicity

Chapter 13
Save-a-Life Complains about Burgess
at Animal Services Commission Meeting

Chapter 14
Save-a-Life Sues Kern County,
Burgess Retaliates and
has Ruben Arrested AGAIN!

Chapter 15
Save-a-Life Sues Kern County
Animal Control Drops Charges

Chapter 16
Seizure Drains Save-a-LIfe Finances
Ruben and the Cats Stressed Out

Chapter 17
Burgess and Sugg Come Back for More
Enough is Never Enough

Chapter 18
Officer Burgess's Cruelty to Animals

Chapter 19
Kern County Animal Control's
"KILL AT WILL" agenda

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