H o m e    ♦    A d o p t i o n s    ♦    T h e  K i t t i e s    ♦    T h e  R a n c h    ♦    P h o t o s    ♦    F l y e r s
M e m b e r s h i p    ♦    D o n a t i o n s    ♦    V o l u n t e e r    ♦    A b o u t    ♦    O t h e r   P a g e s  ♦  C o n t a c t

A No Kill Sanctuary in the Antelope Valley

for your Southern California Enjoyment


Visit the Mojave Desert like you always wanted. Visit the . . .

1. The Big Cat Feline Conservation Center,
2. The Save-a-Life Magic Cat Ranch,
3. The Exotic Windswept Animal Preserve,
4. And the Mojave Air & Space Port,
5. The Palmdale Plane Museum

All in One Day!!!

See map at left & scroll down for more info

For more pages, including the Tehachapi Loop Railroad Club,
Community Effort Animal Rescue, SuperZoo Convention, Pearblossom Motel,
The Littlerock Pet Clinic, the Dry Creek Animal Rescue, and more . . .

Shambala Big Cat Sanctuary
Shambala is a Big Cat Sanctuary one hour north of Los Angeles. It is run and founded by Tippi Hedron

Windswept Ranch
Windswept Ranch is home to an exotic collection of creatures
from miniature Donkeys, (big ones, too), Horses, Camels,
Llamas, Alpacas, Peacocks, Goats, Zebra, Buffalo, and Reindeer!!

Exotic Feline
Conservation Center

The Exotic Feline Conservation Center is located in Rosamond, CA
Big Cat lovers of all ages who discover this desert zoo/museum
are amazed at the variety of wild cat species found here.

Mojave Air and Space Port

Home of "Plane Crazy Saturdays" Every 3rd Saturday
and Various Plane Events

Tehachapi Loop Railroad Club
The Tehachapi Loop Railroad Club is open to all railroad enthusiasts,
whether modelers of HO, G, N or Z, fans of Lionel and American Flyer,
standard gauge travelers, historians, artists, photographers, collectors
of memorabilia, or anyone wishing to share in the Spirit of Railroading.

Community Effort
Animal Rescue

Palmdale Plane Museum

SuperZoo Convention

Photos from Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Creekside Animal Rescue

Part of the Community Effort Animal Rescue Network
Pearblossom Hwy
LIttlerock, California

Help Keep the Save-a-LIfe Cats Happy and Healthy
Donations on PayPal.com to: info@save-a-life.org
or mail to Save-a-Life, 8448 Joshua Ln, Mojave, CA 93501

Thank You for supporting
8448 Joshua Lane
Mojave, CA 93501