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Save-a-Life KItty Rescue Ranch
A No Kill Sanctuary in the Antelope Valley

Kern County Animal Control Harassment
On December 20, 2016 the Kern County District Attorney stood up before the judge in Mojave (Kern County), CA and stated “lack of evidence” which ended the case against Save-a-Life started on August 2, 2016 by a disgruntled employee, who had mastered the art of lying and playing a martyr. The judge dismissed the case without prejudice.??????.

Save-a-Life is a no-kill, nonprofit 501c3 corporation incorporated in 1994. There has never been any court action against it before. Animal Control has an advantage—they are funded by some of the same taxpayers who are the board members, directors and volunteers of Save-A-Life. The same persons who have devoted hours, days, months, years to helping animals in distress, not only by sheltering them, feeding them, consoling them, continuously requesting funds for them, giving up their time (what’s a vacation?), social life, and also by donating most of their earnings, when the need arises (and that’s much too often).

Animal Control wastes taxpayers’ monies by not using common sense to judge a situation. Granted, there is a need for overseeing animals in the public, but time and time again Kern County has taken the “easy” and “more publicity-seeking” routes jumping at the opportunity to shut down a rescue without any type of proof, just speculation. This was the second case in Mojave in 2016, that I personally know of, that was dismissed for lack of evidence . In the meantime, in our case, $10,000 was paid for lawyers’ fees alone.

There is no compensation for the headaches, heartaches, stress and sadness that Save-a-Life experienced. There is a strong hope that karma catches up with the persons responsible. We’re back in the game and stronger because of the many friends who helped us. We can’t name them all because many were anonymous donors – the good that came out of this experience: knowing there are persons who rushed to help, who were willing to put themselves out, who believed in us.

Animal Control Seizures 2016
In 2016 some of our beautiful sheltered and cared for cats were
Killed by Kern County Animal Control for no good reason
by unethical lying Animal Control Officer Daniel Burgess
and accomplices Officer Julie Sugg and disgruntled Tammy Griggs

Animal Control killed 19 More of our Cats
Threatens to kill 37 more!
We have 230 healthy cats left

Press Release Here

Kamala Harris - Bakersfield Rally
Speech against Kern County Animal Control
and their violation of codes and ethics

The Cat Killers of Kern County Animal Control

The Story Here

Legal Funds Needed
Donate here to Save the Cats

a Letter from Geri Mitchell

Read More Here . . .

. . . in Kern County

Help Save our Cats


Donations towards legal fees
are greatly needed!

Any amount
We Appreciate Your Help!

Please hold Kern County Animal Control accountable
for illegally and mercilessly killing 19 of our cats

Rest in Peace:
RIP - From Various Buildings, June 14, 2016
Marley - Orange Tabby - had a scab on tail - From Greenhouse
Betty - Gray Tabby - skinny - From PigPen's Barn
Silver Crinkle - Silver Tabby - patches of fur - From Greenhouse
No Name - Russian Blue - skinny - From Greenhouse
Corelette - black - eyes were crusty - From Southwest Barn
Horacio - drool on mouth - From Greenhouse
Linda's Cat - patches of fur - From Linda's Barn
Lady - Orange and Black - Sacrificed by Tamie - From House
Felix - Black and White - Sacrificed by Tamie - From House

RIP - From the Skinny Barn, June 14, 2016
courtesy of Officer Burgess
of Kern County Animal Control

Angie - Orange - 6 yrs old
Arnold - Black - 6 yrs old
Rosemary - Brown Tabby - 7 yrs old
Sara - Tortie - 6 yrs old
Peter - Orange Tabby - 5 yrs old
Peaches - Black and White - 5 yrs old
Tellie - Gray and White - 4 yrs old
Daisy - Gray Tabby - 8 yrs old
Suzy - Flamepoint - 7 yrs old
Spice - Orange Tabby - 8 yrs old
Sandy - Light Gray Tabby - 8 yrs old
Wild Wanda - Dilute Tortie - 8 yrs old
Lillianna - White w/ Black - 5 yrs old
Janet - Tortie - 5 yrs old
Gloria - Black - 6 yrs old
Pollyann - Tabby w/ extra toes - 7 yrs old
Saphfire - Calico - 7 yrs old
Ralphie - Brown and White Tabby - 8 yrs old
Gem - Black and White - 8 yrs old

Photos from the Aftermath
of Animal Control's vendetta raid

- click photos to enlarge -

The News Crew Arrives at Save-a-LIfe                   News Crew interviewing Ruben at Save-a-Life

News Cameraman filming the Cats               Sugar Sugar's Desktop               Our Doctor Checking up after the Raid

Sleep-a-Lot doing what he does best           Liz driving the food truck

Some of SAVE-A-LIFE'S Office Kitties
Seized by Animal Control Aug 2, 2016
Now Held Hostage in Bakersfield
- click photos to enlarge -

Lovable Boo Boo Bear - Seized by A.C.             Maria, Everyone's Favorite - Seized by A.C.

Goldiocks, 16 Years Old - Seized - We May Never See Her Again

Thank You for supporting Save-A-Life