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Save-a-Life KItty Rescue Ranch
A No Kill Sanctuary in the Antelope Valley

and now here's our Magic Wish List . . .


We need Immediate help
with the following bills . . .

1. Electricity Turn Off . . . . . . $845.
2. Mortgage Payment . . . . . . $750.
3. Internet and Telephone . . . $99.
4. Dumpster, Monthly Pmt . . $160.
5. Veterinarian . . . . . . . . . . . .$400
6. Cat Food, Per Week . . . . . $250

Please help us keep our head above water. If you can set up a PayPal payment schedule of just $20 per month, we will be forever grateful

and now here's our
Wish List . . .
Scroll down for the Magic LIst
of what we need to make this
Magic Cat Ranch into the Happiest
and most Magical Cat Ranch
on earth. (We're not kidding)
Please help us keep our head
above water

1. WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER. Any size. It's hot out here in the summer, and all our air conditioners from the last few years are getting weaker or don't work at all. Here's a 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner from Home Depot

2. PAINT AND LARGE BRUSHES. We need a tub of KILLZ brand white paint and a few cans of barn red paint.

- -

3. CANNED CAT FOOD. from Chewy.com
Poultry Platter - large cans -SALE!
Pate Mixed Grill - large cans
Ocean Whitefish - large cans.


4. DRY CAT FOOD. Chewy.com is a good place to order from
Diamond brand "Maintence" or Costco/Kirkland "Maintenance"

5. GARDEN HOSES. Scott 50' garden house from Home Depot

6. WEED WHACKER. Spring is bringing us fields of weeds so we need to whack them down. You might have one in your garage that you don't use, or you can order a Dewalt Weed Eater from Home Depot here

7. VET EXPENSES. We have a running tab at High Desert Animal Hospital in Palmdale, and it seems we're always trying to catch up. Payments of $25 or $50 or $100 for the Save-a-Life account can be made directly by calling HIgh Desert Animal Hospital at 661-272-1616

Please help us keep our head above water

Thank You for supporting Save-A-Life
EMAIL US AT info@save-a-life.org
or call us at 661-824-2440