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Adoption Festival

at the Magic Cat Ranch

PIctures from our recent
Cinco de Meow Festival/
Yard Sale/Adoption Event

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It's Time for SAVE-A-LIFE's Annual
Yard / Estate Sale
Cat Adoption Event

Sat, May 5th
& Sun, May 6th

with LIve Outdoor Music from . . .

The Family Band
STEREO LOVE family rock band is: Jewel Steele (17/lead vocals/guitar),
Lula Steele (18/bass/back-up vocals), Judd Steele (dad/drums/bodyguard).
CHECK OUT our WEBSITE www.StereoLove.us and
LIKE US on FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/StereoLoveBand>


Tehachapi's Favorite Singer/Songwriter

Lots of Vintage and Collectible Antiques
TARGET overstock and discontinued items!
and FREE ice cold drinks!

Bring your own people food and cat food
(Outside Vendors Welcome, Call 661-824-2440)

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Cinco de Meow

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6. Cat               7. StereoLove               8. Ken Yule

to our Wonderful and Caring Donors
We Couldn't Be Here Without You

More Spring PIctures 2018
From The Happiest Cat Ranch on Earth

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O u t s i d e   B l d s 1 - 2 -  ♦  I n s i d e   B l d s  ♦  E v en t s   2 0 1 6  ♦  W o r k i n g   P i c s    O l d   P i c s   
E x o t i c   F e l i n e s  ♦  W i n d s w e p t   R a n c h  ♦  G e r i ' s   P i c s  ♦  C h e r i e ' s   P i c s
R u b e n s   P i c s   ♦   P u r i n a   T r i p  ♦  C a t   P h o t o s  ♦  P h o t o   P a g e

We currently have 200 cats available for adoption!

More pictures of cats available for adoptions

Rocks at the Ranch . . .

More 2017 Photos of the Ranch
and More Cat Photos
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